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Group Benefits Program

Health benefits program at work
Everyone depends on you.

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Health Benefits Insurance program

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Offering a health benefits program at work is as much for your benefit as it is for your employees’.
You’re an entrepreneur, so when it comes to your business, you have both hands on the wheel. You need your employees to run the operation, but the really big decisions fall on your shoulders. In the unfortunate event that you develop an illness or encounter a disability, your company could be like a ship without a captain, and the financial effects could threaten to swamp everything you’ve worked for

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You can afford to protect everything you’ve worked so hard to achieve. Ask me how.

You know how valuable your key employees are to you, and the role they play in both the day-to-day operation and the long-term viability of your enterprise. The illness or death of one of your most important staff is not only a loss in terms of talent, but it could add up to lost revenues and opportunities down the road.

Everyone depends on you.

Sleep easier knowing your family and your business are well taken care of if something unexpected happens. Life is full of changes. Some are planned. Some aren’t…
One day, your group health plan is there, helping you fill the increasing gaps that may be left by your provincial health coverage. The next, whether through a career change, retirement or job loss, your benefits are gone. Then you have to pay for routine medical expenses out of your own pocket – expenses such as:

Prescription drugs
Hearing aids
Chiropractic visits
Dental services
Prescription eyewear
Massage therapy
and more

Plus, if an accident or illness occurred, you could suffer an additional drain on your finances

If the idea of a benefits plan interests you, I would be more than happy to offer my services. As a financial advisor, I will be able to evaluate your company’s needs and help recommend a cost effective, sensible plan for you and your employees. If you already have a benefits plan, I can go over your current benefits package to ensure you’re receiving a plan that’s well suited to your company.
And more…
Health Service Navigator Gives you and your family support services and answers to medical questions from experts.Preferred Vision Services (PVS)Offers discounts for vision and hearing aid products and services through participating optical outlets and PVS Preferred provider Hearing Healthcare Centres.

Fracture Benefit Pays a scheduled amount depending on which bone is fractured. If more than one bone is fractured in a single accident, the amount payable is for the most severe fracture.

Accidental Death and Dismemberment Provides payment for accidental death or dismemberment resulting from an accidental bodily injury occurring within a year of the date of the accident.

Survivor Benefit Allows covered family members to remain covered for 1 year, following the death of an adult policyholder.


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Group Benefits Program

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