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Warehousing Insurance Package

Easy. Unique. Comprehensive. Customize protection that’s right for your business.

Warehousing Insurance customizable to protect your unique warehousing operation.


We can offer a Warehousing Insurance that is specifically designed to meet the needs and risks of your warehousing operation. this Warehousing Insurancewarehousing Insurance will allow you to focus your attention solely on the daily operations of your business

Every Warehousing operation is unique and the Warehousing Insurance can be customized specifically for your needs.


The Insurance Coverage you need


Contact me for all your Warehousing Insurance needs and as your Insurance Broker, I can customize your Warehousing Insurance Coverage. You can choose from the full package with optional enhancements or alternatively you can select coverages that can be customized to protect your unique warehousing operation

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Welcome to Toronto Insurance Solutions, your reliable source for insurance information in the Greater Toronto Area. As a local insurance broker based in Markham, Ontario, I am dedicated to providing my clients with comprehensive coverage options for all their insurance needs, serving towns and cities across the province of Ontario settings.

Talk to me for additional information about this great package to protect your business through risk management and comprehensive Insurance Coverage like Warehousing Insurance.

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Customize Protection

Customize Protection that’s right for your business.

All-in-one Protection

Broad Protection for your commercial assets

Warehousing Insurance will offer you ‘broad form’ coverage for your buildings and contents, including stock, machinery and equipment.


Expenses For an accidental loss or an intentional data breach of your customers’ electronically stored, private or sensitive information

Stock that may be contaminated due to oil spills, smoke or cross contaminations of chemicals
Seasonal Increases
Seasonal increases of stock in your warehouse
Property of Others
Property of others held by you under a warehouse receipt
Warehousing Insurance

The Warehousing Insurance Coverage can offer various additional coverages:

Newly acquired and unspecified locations for your customers’ property

Unpaid Storage
Unpaid storage charges that accrue due to a loss to your customer’s property
Defence Costs
Defence costs in the event of law suits or claims
Complete Protection

Complete protection with business income coverage

Protect your business income when you need it most with business income coverage. You’ll get extra protection for:
Fines and penalties – if you’re unable to meet contractual obligations

Restricted Access
Restricted access – covers you in the event of restricted access due to civil authority
Automobile Disablement
Automobile disablement – loss of income caused by a commercial vehicle being unavailable for use due to an accident or loss
Manufacturer's Product Impairment
Manufacturers’ product impairment – insures loss of business income caused by a product or component which cannot be sold or is recalled because of a defect
Contingent Business Interruption
Contingent business interruption – covers loss incurred if a supplier or customer is unable to supply you with materials or stock due to a loss at their location
Enhanced Coverage

You can also enhance your coverage with features like:

Installation floater – protects your business supplies and materials in transit or at a temporary site while doing incidental installations

Contractors’ equipment – protects your equipment at a job site, in transit and at your premises

Rigging and moving – covers the property of others being lifted or moved at job sites

Equipment breakdown- Close the gap with equipment breakdown protection

Unlike other commercial policies, Warehousing will cover your business for equipment breakdown.

This includes

Protection Against:

Electrical Arcing
Mechanical Breakdown
Rupture and Cracking
Ammonia Contamination

Equipment Breakdown.

Offers coverage for production equipment breakdown.

Equipment breakdown coverage is built right into the property section of your Prime Warehousing policy, so there is no separate policy to worry about.

More Protection Crime

More protection Against crime

In addition to comprehensive protection for theft, vandalism and other crimes, your money and securities are protected against:

Employee dishonesty
Theft inside and outside of your premises
Receipt of counterfeit currency
Depositor’s forgery
Computer theft and funds transfer fraud
Against liability exposures