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I am a Registered Insurance Broker at INSUREIT GROUP INC. as well as a life insurance agent and investment advisor for a variety of life insurance companies. Our company has 35 years experience insuring most types of businesses at very competitive rates.

If you are looking for an insurance broker, who understands the challenges of running a business and understands the importance of reducing the overhead costs, then look no further — I can certainly help reduce your insurance costs. I offer various insurance and investment products tailored specifically to your needs. These products will help protect your business, homes and vehicles as well as your family and precious investments. Having been in business myself for many years, I understand the concerns and questions that business owners may have.

My mandate is to offer my clients Commercial Insurance Solutions that will provide them with the ultimate protection for their Businesses, Commercial Vehicles and Personal Possessions. For an appointment to discuss your needs and to obtain a free quote, please contact me.

In addition to this, I offer Life Insurance, Disability Insurance and Group Benefits. I also offer a completely tax deductible Health Insurance and a variety of other tax free benefits and investments. When initially meeting with my clients it is mandatory for me to first understand their concerns. I then assess their risks, provide them with a comprehensive needs analysis, answer all questions they may have and finally assist in putting their Insurance and Planning needs in place.

For an appointment to discuss your needs and to obtain a free quote, please contact me.

Click here and complete the contact form. I will personally call to arrange a meeting. It is important for me to know when your current Insurance Policy is up for renewal.

I will set up a time which is suitable to you and will personally come to your workplace to discuss all of your Insurance needs.