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New Build – Residential Projects Application

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Builders Risk policies with flexible coverage options to meet the special insurance needs of even the largest residential or commercial construction project. We have the ability to tailor a policy specific to your exposure.

Product Highlights:

Broad Form Coverage

Covers property in the course of construction

Residential risks

Comprehensive insurance coverage


Renovations, New Construction, New Construction, Projects already started


Earthquake and flood coverage may be purchased .

Additional Coverages

• Theft & Vandalism
• Transit Coverage
• Offsite Storage
• CGL available
builders risk insurance application
Builders risk insurance

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Owner managed projects

carpentry contractors insurance

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Variety of program offerings

We represent the top Insurers in the Canadian marketplace providing quality service to small, medium businesses and large corporations.

Understanding business needs

Broker, who understands the challenges of running a business, as well as understanding the importance of reducing the overhead costs,

Insurance Broker Work For You!

An insurance broker represents insurance buyers, not insurance companies. An insurance broker is skilled in helping you decide what the best coverage options are for your unique circumstances.
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You should obtain Builder’s Risk coverage for the total estimated value of the completed project. In general, this amount is the selling price of the home or building subtracted by the cost of the land. Builders can also opt to include a reasonable profit in the coverage amount..
We will help to Understand Builder’s Risk Insurance
Is specifically designed to indemnify against property loss and provide coverage for buildings during the course of construction.

Leon Levi

Commercial Insurance Account Executive
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