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How can I lower my insurance costs

By increasing the amount you are willing to pay, you will decrease your premium;
Dropping collision coverage on an older car
Bundling your car and home insurance
Installing an approved theft deterrent system in your vehicle
Buying a car with a lower-cost insurance rating.

What is Replacement Cost

Replacement cost is the total cost that your insurance company would pay to fully reconstruct your home if it were destroyed. Replacement costs include things that may not be included in the resale value, like the cost and availability of skilled labour, debris removal, extra expense due to more stringent building codes, and more. If you made upgrades or did renovations

What Discounts are Available with your Auto Insurance

Telematics Program

Multi-Line Discount

Conviction Free Discount:

Multi-Vehicle Discount

Winter Tire Savings

Loyalty Savings

Student Savings

Short list of major reasons that could affect your Insurance Cost


Check the policy carefully for correct information.
Combine both your house and car policies for the extra discounts.
Check postal codes
Location addresses can affect your rates.
Are you retired
Are you over 55 years of age
Are you paying for coverage you don’t need?
If you have a small claim, pay it yourself and save your Insurance for the big one.
Install an alarm system in your home and car.
Pay up front rather than monthly.
Higher deductibles result in savings.
Have you been consistent with one Insurance Company
If your car is over 5 years old, you may want to take off the collision.
Before reporting a claim to your Insurance Company it is important to talk to your broker