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Cottage Seasonal Dwellings Insurance

Seasonal Dwellings Insurance

A seasonal dwelling is a dwelling that is occupied only for a portion of a year. A seasonal dwelling could be a cottage, chalet, trailer, etc. Unoccupied homes are always a target for burglary and vandalism. If a dwelling is not inspected for a long period of time it is difficult to detect any damage that may take place due to extreme weather conditions such as ice storms, floods, landslides, extreme heat, cold or smog.

Necessary steps can be taken to protect your assets while you are away.It is important to have adequate coverage and it is necessary to discuss with me wether the dwelling is in an isolated location or in a rural area. Keep in mind that environmental hazards such as extreme weather conditions can cause expensive damage.

My job is to understand your Insurance requirements and to assist you in getting the right Insurance Coverage and give you peace of mind that your home away from home is protected.

Please contact me to provide me with all your concerns and to give details regarding the location of your dwelling. This way I can understand your risk and provide you with the correct coverage.


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